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September 2012
IWC announces successful Masters scholarships recipients 
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A river runs through it: designing river cities
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Pearl River WRC, PR China, Australian Leadership Awards training program  

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A river runs through it: designing river cities
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IWC announces successful Masters scholarships recipients

High number of quality applicants

IWC has awarded four full-tuition scholarships for the 2013 intake of the Master of Integrated Water Management.

“The selection process was extremely tough,” said IWC Senior Lecturer and Education Manager Dr Brian McIntosh. “We received very many high quality applications from all around the world demonstrating great depth of professional and volunteering experience, and we would have liked to have been able to award many more scholarships. If you have been unsuccessful this time around, I strongly encourage you to apply again next year.”

IWC thanks all the applicants and congratulates the recipients, who come from the USA, Bangladesh and Australia, and from diverse professional backgrounds including WASH, water utility management and consulting.

Nathan Cammerman was a recipient of an IWC Masters Scholarship in the first intake of MIWM students in 2008. This scholarship has helped Nathan to realise his dream of establishing IWRM Pty Ltd, a successful consultancy firm that focuses on the sustainable management of water resources.

“I searched for the right Masters program for over a decade,” Nathan said. “The IWC Masters with its balanced approach to the social, physical, environmental and economic aspects of water finally ticked all the boxes for me.

“And now, two years since I completed the program, IWC staff continue to provide direction, advice and access to networks. I am truly thankful for their visionary approach and support.”

Partial scholarships (AU$ 6,000) now available!

IWC is offering 50 partial-tuition scholarships (AU$6,000 each) for the first 50 Australian or international candidates to apply for an IWC Integrated Water Management program (Masters, Graduate Diploma or Graduate Certificate) for 2013.

Read more about IWC partial scholarships for integrated water management programs...

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A river runs through it: designing river cities 

Gavan O’Neill, Regional Manager Waterways (West), Melbourne Water, speaks about the theme of the 15th International Riversymposium.

As the world’s urban population grows, more and more pressure is being placed on the rivers which are the lifeblood of many urban centres. Rivers were an essential component to early settlements, providing access to drinking water, a vital trade link to the outside world, and a conduit of waste and pollution. We are now realising that we must act to better manage and nurture these important resources and seek out more sustainable and holistic approaches to urban water management.

With the key focus of the 15th International Riversymposium being “Rivers in a Rapidly Urbanising World”, the theme “A river runs through it: Designing river cities” will outline positive and innovative urban water management strategies from cities around the world. Topics will explore designing water sensitive cities, adapting to climate change and natural disasters, and planning for environmental and spiritual needs of the cities and their inhabitants.

Highlights of the program include the presentation of international case studies and concepts from Nepal, USA, Canada, Austria, Brazil, India, Nigeria, and Indonesia to name a few. Two convening partner sessions, presented by the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities and International RiverFoundation, will allow for greater exploration and discussions around water sensitive cities and integrated river basin management. Wednesday’s keynote speech by Prof John Thwaites, Chair of Monash Sustainability Institute and former deputy Premier of Victoria, is sure to provide valuable insight into political drivers and processes relating to water management.

On behalf of Melbourne Water, I am excited to invite you to participate in the Yarra River Catchment Study Tour on Thursday 11 October and link the conference discussions to real-life management examples. We will be showcasing local approaches to urban water management from the top of the Yarra Catchment down to inner city of Melbourne.

About the Riversymposium

The International Riversymposium is the world’s leading river management conference. This year’s event will explore the intricately linked pressures on rivers and waterways as the world’s urban population continues to grow and expand. 

More information


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Pearl River Water Resources Commission, PR China, Leadership Awards training program 

The Pearl River Water Resources Commission (PRWRC), PR China, recently sent a group of mid-level managers to Brisbane for a four-week training program in Monitoring and Assessing for Health of Estuary and Coastal Waters under the AusAID Australian Leadership Awards Fellowship (ALAF) program with IWC. 

As the PRWRC (and China) begin to embrace the principles of integrated water resource management, the ALAF program is a valuable opportunity for the exchange of knowledge between professionals working in similar fields in sometimes very varying river basins throughout the world, as well as strengthening relationships between Australia and China.

The program builds capacity in the technical aspects of estuary and coastal waterways health assessment and monitoring, through an integrative approach to waterways management and water resource management based on stakeholder engagement and evidence-based decision making.

The ALAF Fellows looked at the science of estuarine and coastal ecosystems and the approach of integrating science with management and decision-making through academic lectures, two-way information exchanges and discussion, case study examples and site visits.

They compared Australian and Chinese approaches, acknowledging how estuaries and coastal waterways in the two countries vary, and the range of very different stressors and issues unique to each one. They found that a number of the lessons learnt from the Australian approach could be successfully adopted into Chinese assessment and monitoring programs.

Dissemination of information and lessons learnt from this program will be achieved through a series of post-fellowship activities, such as in-house workshops, where the Fellows will present their experiences to their work peers.

"The program, combined with interactive classroom study and study tours, really broadened our knowledge and opened our minds to coastal and marine water management in the context of integrated water management," said PRWRC group leader, Xiaolong WU.

"The study tour from Townsville to Heron Island was enlightening for everyone in our group, and the efforts of the stakeholders there are evident – the crystal-clean water of the coral reef, and ocean life and tourists living in harmony."

Further collaborative opportunities between the two organisations have been identified for development in a follow-up meeting with IWC staff and senior leaders from Pearl River Water Resources Commission at the Yellow River Forum in Zhengzhou in September this year.

"The effort and commitment from staff of IWC partner universities, Queensland Government and industry experts, as well as friends from counterpart organisations and the support of AusAID, have made this program extremely successful," said Todd Zeng, IWC Asian Business Development Officer. "We were able to showcase Australia's best practice in a way that ensured our participants learned useful and applicable knowledge for their own river basin. IWC offers its sincere appreciation to everyone involved."

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